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So it has been a busy last couple of days. On Friday, I spent some time at a preschool teaching shapes and the alphabet and playing games and singing songs with the local children. In the afternoon, I helped lead an information session on HIV/AIDS at the local clinic to the village caregivers. I learned SO much about it. Like I didn’t know that you can live with HIV if you get treatment but once it progresses to AIDS, which is the 3rd stage of the disease, it is completely fatal.

Saturday started off as a really great day. I FINALLY SLEPT IN!!!!! Went for a run and met the rest of my cohort at the beach. A couple waves demolished me, but still had the time of my life! The beach is my happy place here. Went for a nice, long walk along the beach and saw a family slaughtering chickens on the shore. Supposedly it’s cleaner, so that’s why they do it. We then walked back to the lodge, about 30 minutes, and I was able to FaceTime audio my parents!! Hearing their voices made me start to tear up; it has been so long. I was so happy! I rode that mood to Zulu Cultural Night…where it quickly faded. It started to rain as soon as we arrived. The beginning of the night was kind of interesting because we got to learn about the traditional Zulu culture; we wore some of the traditional dress, partook in dancing, and at dinner, but it felt like they were selling their culture, which was a bit of a turnoff. The activities ended at 7:30 but we were there until 9AM the next morning. We sat around a bonfire and played Mafia and most of us didn’t sleep at all. It was a bit uncomfortable because we were in a really unsafe area. I could hear EDM music all night, animals howling and cooing, and then when I was lying in bed, one of the male employees walked into our hut on accident (yes, we stayed in the traditional huts), and it was very awkward. None of us felt comfortable the entire night and barely slept. I did make me grateful for the lodge though :D

Today was pretty good as well. Took a relaxing morning. Ran and saw some monkeys having sex and a snake. Tried to do laundry but the not so “7 days/week” laundromat was closed…guess I’ll do it tomorrow? Made avocado toast and eggs for lunch then got to not only talk to my parents but see them as well today because I found strong enough wifi to FaceTime. Tried to see the sunset at the jetty but just missed it. Whatever. I have many more days to make it happen. I’m so sad that I have to wake up early again tomorrow, but then it’ll make me more grateful for sleeping in on the weekends. Hopefully everyone back home is doing well. I think of you all often. XOXO

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It sounds like the education is as much for you as for them. At least you are there because you want to learn. As you said in your previous blog, who knows whether what you are teaching is of interest to them or not. That’s a great lesson to learn — is what I am saying of interest to the audience? Well, it sounds like you are seeing and learning stuff you could not learn anywhere else. Be safe and keep soaking in the experience. You’re already 25% done. We’ll see you (in person) soon and we enjoyed seeing and talking to you today.

by Kevin.keane

Sounds like a good mix of volunteer activities for the day, but a very packed day! By the end of the trip, you will probably get some good sleep on the plane :)

Glad you made it back to the lodge safely.

On our end, we just had a typical weekend. Saturday, Sunmin was working and played soccer (his manager asked him as a special favor to finish some work for him this weekend). I did a puzzle and rested from the week. Then, today I got up early to meet with my fellow Korean students and study for a few hours. Then, since coming home, I have been cleaning and tidying up (laundry, kitchen, recycling, bathroom). I haven't quite gotten around to unpacking the last few boxes - waiting until I'm a little more motivated and Sunmin has more time to help!

by Kaitlin

I hope I can sleep on the plane ride home! I couldn't sleep the whole way here.

I'm impressed with the puzzle. I was actually thinking about puzzles recently! I wanted to start one recently. They take up a good amount of time but are so fun! That's cool that you guys are meeting to study out of class. I hope I get to see your place in person soon. Sounds like you're slowly but surely getting moved in

by Kayla Keane

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