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What Happened to the Wifi?


OK, I swear I’m having fun, but I need to vent about the things that are not ideal. For one, I woke up this morning to the lovely surprise of ants crawling throughout my toiletries (face wash, toothbrush, allergy meds). EVERYWHERE!! They were everywhere!! Then, I get back from my run with about 30 minutes to shower and eat breakfast before our 8AM meeting, so I rush in my towel to the shower. We have the one room without a bathroom so we are supposed to use the one in the craft room. I am all prepared to take the fastest shower of my life when I turn it on and nothing…or so I thought. Then I felt the slight tickle of moisture. I felt around the shower head and water was misting outward (basically everywhere but down where my dirty body was, and when I say “misting” I have never meant it so literally). Now for the namesake of this post: the wifi. NONE! They told us it was kind of shoddy and we would only get it before 7AM and after 7PM but today it simply doesn’t even exist! So I’m so sorry world. I want to be posting pictures and most of all, talking with my family, but I’m in the middle of South Africa with no wifi. My roommate and I went to the neighboring restaurant and sat outside to get wifi, but even that didn’t have capacity to download email or sustain facetime audio. It’s all part of the experience, I guess. I just don’t like keeping this experience all to myself. I feel like I’m going to forget it before I can tell my friends and family about it because there are so many good things to share!

For example, this morning I woke up at 5:22AM, was able to do rehab and pushups, then was able to run at 6:20 when the sun had come up. My friend and I took a loop that went to the beach, which is located on the Indian ocean and then comes back to the lodge. I was surprised because the loop is all rolling hills – I expected it to be flat. It was very humid but the air was so pure and I could smell the salt from the ocean. When my friend and I reached the beach, the sun was still rising and I was blown away with the size of the waves and beauty of the scene. That’s my favorite thing about South Africa so far; it’s so natural and feels removed from the hustle and bustle that’s hard to escape in America. Africa time is a real thing – people do things when they want and that usually means later. Life moves slowly here, but something about the timing here that I still don’t understand is the time that everything closes!! Everything is closed by 7PM, including grocery stores and food places. And 7 is the latest. Things close starting at 4.

Back to the story, though. So I ran (which happened between the ant and shower fiascos), ate breakfast, then the rest of the morning was spent in the lodge listening to orientation. I’m actually so happily surprised with the work we are doing. There is a big variety, and it’s really hands-on. Each day we have a morning and afternoon session, and on Monday afternoons, we plan our lessons for the rest of the week. Today we planned a session for the home-based care session. So we are bringing crafts for the kids, like macaroni bracelets and face paint, and we made a lesson plan to teach the parents, who are between 18 and 28 years old, about the food pyramid and healthy eating. Tomorrow I’m set to help in the clinic, so I’m excited about that!

After our orientations, we had a mini lesson in Zulu language then went to a dock to watch the sunset. We only saw the tail end because we all got very distracted by a pack of monkeys that were showing off for us. Don’t worry, I got lots of pictures. So cute. The sunset was gorgeous as well. I can’t wait to go back again when it’s prime time. I still have yet to see a hippo, though, but I still have a couple of weeks for that. Dinner was really good. It was bacon goulash. Later I went to the gym to roll out and do abs and now I’m just snacking and relaxing. I can’t believe it’s only 8:30 right now. I’m so tired. Well I hope wifi is more reliable later, but it’s doubtful so I’m really sorry if posts are far and few between. Currently sitting in someone’s stairwell next to the restaurant’s wifi to post this. Miss you all xoxo

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I love reading your adventures. I feel like I am there. Have fun and we miss you...a lot!

by Fay Keane

Nice! The activities that you are doing sound really cool and meaningful. Too bad about the Wi-Fi but you might end up loving that you don’t have any if it forces you to hang out more with the nature there and the people you are with. I’m sure you will all become closer because of it!!

Also it might be for the best that you don’t see a hippo! I don’t think they are the friendliest of creatures...

I’m in a coffee shop now just finishing up a couple things for work. We were in an all-day global meeting with like a dozen different presentations, which was great but a ton of content. So, I had a ton of ideas and questions and insights from the meetings, and I wanted to get them all typed up and organized before tonight so I can go to bed with a little bit of a lighter mind.

In a bit I have a facial , so I feel like it’s going to be a really nice indulgence at the end of a long day! Hopefully when it’s over traffic won’t be too bad going home either. Enjoy tomorrow!!

by Kaitlin

Nice story. It’s cool that things are so primitive. You are having a real experience. Can’t wait to see the monkey pictures. So much of the world lives in those conditions. Soak in the experience (because it sounds like you won’t be soaking in water). So far, it sounds like no health issues, such as allergies or food problems - also good.

by Kevin Keane

I wish you were here, mom, but I don't think it'd be your favorite place to be honest. Not home, no garden or treadmill. Dad is right with the description "primitive". Kaitlin, we saw a hippo but from a distance! There were like 4 in a pack in the river. I can't wait to hear how work is treating you -- hopefully as well as that facial. Love you all

by Kayla Keane

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