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Travel Day 2

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Landed in London and you know my first stop was the Harry Potter shop! Had some time to clean up before the next leg of the trip: brushed and flossed my teeth (shout-out to you mom), washed my face, took my vitamins, and changed my clothes. The plane ride from Toronto to London was long, about 7.5 hours, but was just a warm-up for the flight between London and Durban, which is 11.5 hours.

I’m writing this post mid-flight to Durban, South Africa. We took off an hour and a half later than scheduled, but I ended up talking with the woman sitting next to me the whole time we waited. She lives in Durban, South Africa and actually invited me to visit her house while I’m in South Africa. We bonded through running; she coaches athletics to children. I love how running connects people.

While we were talking, she recommended I watch Bohemian Rhapsody, so that’s what I did. Freddie Mercury reminds me a lot of Prince. The movie was lifechanging, just seeing the impact the band had on music and the fight against HIV/AIDS – which is pretty cool to see, as learning about and teaching preventative measures against this epidemic is the purpose of my trip. Watching the movie I had one of those moments where you’re like “woah, it’s fate that I watched this.”

I actually took a break midway through the movie though because the airplane dinner was served. Finding food to eat has been difficult with my allergies. I could really go for some plain, grilled meat right now. I’ve only been able to eat the bread rolls they serve and granola bars I packed. I think it’ll be easier to find food I can eat once we land. Apart from a good meal, once we land I’m looking forward to a run, shower, and good long snooze.

Being out of my natural environment is making me uncomfortable, but I’m not second guessing this adventure at all. This summer, I’ve realized that I do everything with intention and only if one of the byproducts is joy. I even miss doing rehab, which I never thought I’d say. To be honest, I’m missing everything right now. I can’t sleep (which, being on an airplane makes you realize that some people are like bats. I swear they could be standing straight up in the middle of the day and still get a good sleep) so I’m listening to music and reminiscing on my final nights in Ann Arbor. I spent my last two nights home with my closest friends and even made some new friends. If anything, this trip has made me aware of how blessed and amazing my life is.

Well, back to my love cave. This is what I call the cocoon I made for myself. If you’d like to make your own love cave at home you’ll need a blanket/sweatshirt to throw over your head like a death eater) and a neck pillow. Wala! Add music and you’ve personalized that lil love cave of yours.

Update: Landed at 6am local time

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Glad you made it safely! Although, if I were the person next to you, I might be a little creeped out by your love cave lol.

by Kaitlin

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