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Good Moooooorning San Francisco!! I thought of that on my walk this afternoon. I feel like I’m doing a daily broadcast with my blogs – love it! So this morning I ran again. I’m always anxious to run after a day off. It was actually kind of chilly – like I could see my breath! Something I realized while warming up for my run, though, was that I have a serious monkey/copy-cat. The girl I go running with follows me everywhere and does everything I do. I’m a very independent person who values her alone time, so this really bothers me. For example, before she met me, she said she ran at most 3x/week for about 2 miles; now she runs 6 days/week for about 4 miles. Also, she used to just hop out of bed and run, but now she has to do the exact. same. warmup exercises that I do. This morning, I also looked over and she was doing my ankle rehab exercises and I’m not sure she knows why she is doing any of the exercises in the first place except for that it’s what I’m doing. She also asks to go on walks with me after dinner because she knows I like to go for walks and go to the gym to stretch. There are some benefits, though. She made me a dinner without garlic and onions last weekend and made the layout for my journal calendar, so I didn’t even have to be creative; I just copied her design. I feel slightly guilty, but I get annoyed by having a shadow. I know she only has good intentions, though, which keeps me from saying anything.

Project-wise, in the morning I was at Holiday Club, which is basically day-care. We did about 45 minutes of songs, crafts, free play, and snack time. I later wrote some postcards to friends and family. After my run, I had spoken to the volunteer coordinator about the food continuing to have onions/garlic in it, so at lunch I was met with the beautiful surprise of *plain* chicken!!! It was so nice to eat a meal and know it was safe to eat. In the afternoon, I had gardening, which is my favorite project. I helped turn the dirt and then watered the plants after they were in the dirt. We created an entire garden from scratch for a family. My opinions about this volunteer organization’s work are starting to transform. I feel like this kind of work is actually beneficial; imagine how many gardens we could build for families in one year. This one garden took us less than 2 hours! I still have my doubts about some of the health-care volunteer work, but I think the garden work is really beneficial! Counting down the days to leave still. Twelve left after today.

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Who knew you would become so popular!

I was wondering how the food allergy situation would be. It sounds like they at least are receptive to your feedback which is good. I’m also glad that you are enjoying more of the volunteer work. It does sounds like not all of it has gone as smoothly as possible but something like planting a garden is nice because you actually get to go in, finish something and see tangible results.

Well I’m just at the airport now. Got through security super quickly so I’ve just been chilling at the airport and walking around. Something I know you are familiar with! Luckily the plane should start boarding soon. I hope there are some good movies...

by Kaitlin

So funny about the copy cat! I do know how much you like to live by your own time in your own way and don't like having a constant friend. That made it even funnier! Well at least you have someone who likes you so much she wants to be you. You are a role model to her. That's pretty cool. I would just ignore her and not try to ghost her necessarily.

by Casey

Casey: I'm glad you find joy in my pain. But you're right. It is cool to be like her older sister.

Kaitlin: Is the California airport nice? Like are there a lot of good shops to peruse while you wait. Sorry to hear there was no entertainment. That really sucks!!! I really can't believe it, so crazy!

by Kayla Keane

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